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How Our application automates and manages
your fleet operations?

Discover how our fleet management works!

Boost Operational Efficiency

Innovative fleet management gives a real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operation

Improve Safety

Take advantage of tmobility’s fleet management for the well-being of your fleet and safe world

Exceed customer expectations

Enabling a successful fleets operations that minimize risk and maximize profits

Helping the Fleets of Future

Helping fleets thrive by giving accessible tmobility suite that help you solve the unique challenges in the mobility business

Enhance Fleet Visibility

With intelligent, real-time fleet management data from tmobility, get to know where your fleet is commuting. Powering advanced technologies in fleet telematics to help businesses keep better track of their vehicles – from garage to destiny

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Streamline Fleet Operations

Effortlessly streamline all your fleet activity with comprehensive reporting and analysis. Gain insights of your fuel efficiencies, vehicle maintenance, and operational status of your fleet

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Boost Driver Performance

Drill down and record the status of your drivers, organize parking, tolls, claims, and repairs using the on-demand driver performance window. Monitor drivers and get your fleets ready for the next ride

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Slash your fuel spend

Win more fleet owners with reliable fuel management application. Tmobility’s advanced fuel sensor traces the accurate mileage and fuel consumption of your fleets. Achieve more rides by saving huge on fuel cost

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Ease your Fleet Maintenance

Facing fleet maintenance woes? Tmobility simplifies the Fleet maintenance and increases the vehicle uptime. Analyze every aspect of your fleets from reminders to reports.

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Seamless parts & inventory management

Generate on-time reports of inventory and seamlessly manage spare parts to save dollars. Create a transparent inventory depots with tmobility and manage each order/purchases

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All in one smart fleet management platform

Keep your wheels rolling efficiently with smart on-demand fleet management solution of tmobility

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With the tmobility solutions, we were able to bring its diverse vision into a single platform. We were able to mobilize our workforce in addressing the fleet demands. We witnessed a steady growth in revenue. Also, with the automated process, the operational efficiency was high, thereby minimizing unnecessary costs.


Sri Lanka.

Discover the smartest fleet management solution to gear your business to the next phase

Frequently asked questions, answered

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What is fleet management?

Fleet management is an organizational approach that allows transportation companies to organize and manage vehicles. The purpose of fleet management is to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, stay compliant, and improve customer satisfaction.
Fleet management is crucial to run a fleet of vehicles smoothly, no matter the size. fleet management provides the opportunity for fleet managers to gain insight of fuel consumption, maintenance, and ensure fleet safety
tmobility is the easy-to-use alternative for fleet management methodologies — designed to help you automate fleet operations tasks and manage vehicles accordingly. Know more.
Fleet management helps transport businesses to get full fleet visibility on a single window. Fleet management can allow you to keep track of your fleet and monitor their real-time location, boost driver safety, and improve vehicle fuel efficiency
A major benefit of fleet management software is that it produces near real-time alerts and notifications in just a few taps from your web based app or mobile.

A Complete On-demand Fleet Management Software Solutions

Tmobility - one stop solution for all your fleet management and maintenance needs


Fleet Maintenance

fleet intelligent applications streamlines fleet maintenance with real-time visibility of vehicle location and status

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Driver Behavior Monitoring

Monitor your driver’s performance efficiently and gain detailed insights of their driving practices

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Fuel Management

Track your fuel spend with tmobility’s fuel management application to increase rides and reduce cost

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Parts & Inventory Management

Track fleet spares and supplies with ease using parts & inventory management suite

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